Beautifully Fast & Flexible

Powerful Responsive Layout. Whemja can be accessed on any device.

Complexity not included

Written from scratch by programmers that have been in the printing industry for over 25 years, Whemja is designed to be easy-to-use yet powerful enough to run your entire shop.

The first and only Open Source MIS designed for the printing environment.

Informed Decisions. Exceptional results..

Built on a rock solid LAMP stack, Whemja! is a powerful tool for the printing environment.

Responsive Layout

With our powerful and responsive layout, Whemja! is accessible using tablets, mobile devices or computers.

Powerful Performance

Lightweight code written to take advantage of a high performance, rock solid back-end.

Brilliant Toolset

Whemja! is a powerful tool that helps your team navigate the complex printing infrastructure.

Superior Usability

No complex menus or confusing screens, and it all runs inside your web browser!

Next Generation Technology

Whemja! uses the latest in web technology to ensure that your team’s experience is frustration free allowing them to focus on their work and not the software.

Streamline your operations

Having all the information available at your fingertips when you need it saves you time and reduces errors.

Simplified Reporting

Easily identify bottle necks. Generate cost analysis reports to determine which projects are profitable and which ones end up costing you money.

Low Cost

Utilizing an Open Source stack, you don’t have to worry about multiple licensing costs that are charged by private corporations.

No paper needed

Walking around the plant with paper tickets or schedules is no longer needed. Whemja! can easily run on low cost tablets saving you time and money.

Lines of Code
KBs of Files
Hours of Coding
Years of printing experience

Whemja! is the Fast|Powerful|Flexible|Easy|Affordable|Elegant|Simple MIS for the Printing Environment

The Whemja MIS software package creates a unified workflow that combines wide format, digital and offset printing.

Reduce your paperwork and increase your efficiency.

Our simplistic approach allows you to focus on your product and not the system.

Lightweight code that runs on lower-end hardware will save you from expensive purchases!

Screen Shots

Here are a couple of early work-in-progress shots.
Account Status
File Formats
File Locations
Manage Employees
Prepress Workflows
Password Management
Prepress Job Information
Press runs
Project view
Proofing Workflows

More to come!

Misc screen shots
Digital Job Tickets • On-the-floor Scheduling • Easy Reporting

The printing industry is complex.

Keeping track of your jobs, employees and costs doesn’t have to be.

Meet Whemja. The next Evolution in Print Management.

Why choose Whemja!?

You and your team work with precision and mastery to create beautiful products. You are committed to your customers and deliver premium products on a tight schedule while balancing demanding workloads, inventory control, quality and labor costs. Do you really have time to go through mounds of poorly written paperwork or confusing automated reports just to find one piece of crucial information?

Our Mission

Our goal is to develop a Productivity Suite for the printing industry that is designed around being easy to use, cost effective and no expensive vendor lock in.

Informed decisions. Exceptional results.

Easily view job information from any smart phone, tablet or computer without installing any additional software. Generate reports or schedules with a few clicks of the mouse. Whemja! is lightweight and doesn’t require expensive hardware upgrades.

More information, screen shots and datasheets will be available in 2017


Client Hardware Requirements

The basic requirements to access Whemja!

  • Interface > Any modern web browser.
  • Operating System > Accessible from pretty much any device.
  • Storage > Local storage is not needed.

Server Hardware Requirements

The basic requirements to run Whemja! Server.

  • CPU > Intel Core i3
  • RAM > 8gb
  • Storage > 500gb


Whemja! is built using the latest technology.

  • OS > Linux
  • Web > HTML 5
  • Logic > PHP
  • Visuals > CSS3
  • Database > MySQL

Designed by printers for printers, we wrote Whemja! from the ground up using the same open-source technology that leading technology companies such as Google and Amazon use.